We are reforming One Design class!

Compared to the previous carbon version, we completed our new model with a better price-value ratio, and you can already order it! Introducing CODE8 OD: vacuum infusion procedure prepared fiberglass-PVC and foam-vinyl ester sandwich hull, carbon-reinforced deck and ribs. Additional features include a fully integrated aluminum mast, double rudder, and a fixed but easy-to-remove keel with a seaweed cutter. It weighs 1150 kg, of which 540 kg is the keel.

4 sails in class: jib, main, top genoa, genakker.

It is also suitable for single-handed sailing because all our boats have a water ballast tank – 300 litre of water per side is a significant help in strong windy voyages. If it cannot be used in an OD race, it acts as an air tank.

We provide a uniform and very discounted price for our first 8 boats! With the increased production capacity, we will be able to produce the number of pieces that meet the needs of the class by 2021.

Special price: 44.000 EUR (without sails) until 31.07.2020. (in Hungary only)

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