Once one has experienced what it feels like to direct a sailboat by controlling the power of nature, one will never be released again.
There is always a desire to leave the safety of the mainland to experience the infinite freedom of wind-water-ship trinity, which is taken by the fierce speed of the pace of competition and the excitement of racing to another dimension.

We at CODE Yachts have already woven this sense of life into every pencil stroke during design, and we carry this on during production in our sailboats as well. As a Hungarian ship designer and manufacturer company, we build and sell Carbon One Design 8m and 10m long racing boats made of carbon, which are made with great care in our shipbyard to serve individual needs.
The hexagonal structure of the carbon fibers forms a powerful bond, so the hull will not only be durable, but it reduces its weight, allowing it to reach even higher speed.

The triad of material use, expertise and passion make our boats exceptional, as the members of our staff are professionals with many years of experience, and our designer’s name, Andrej Justin, is a real brand in the industry. Also, our quality assurance system guarantees perfect quality and customer satisfaction. Learn more about our ships and take control easily!

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