We are launching a new One Design boat class!

We are launching a new One Design boat class!

The previous carbon version returns with a newer and more modern solution! We designed the new boats in a sandwich structure with fiberglass guidance and carbon reinforcement. Our new, not only fast, but significantly cheaper CODE 8 OD ship is made with vinyl ester resin construction and vacuuming.

But that’s not all! The ship has a double rudder and a fixed but easy to remove capital weight, which has been expanded with a seaweed cutter.

The total weight of CODE 8 OD is 1150 kg, of which 540 is the capital weight. It has 4 sails in class: fock, gross, top genoa and genakker. The boat is also suitable for one-handed sailing thanks to the water ballast tank installed in all models. Although the water ballast cannot be used in the OD race, it can operate as an air tank during that time. During one-handed boat races, these 300 liters of water per side help a lot in case of a strong windy race.

The first 8 boats are available at a discounted price of 40,000 EUR – without sails!

By 2021, all our customers will be able to cross the waters with them!

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