CODE10 #1 Part 4 – Let’s talk about sails, baby

CODE10 #1 Part 4 – Let’s talk about sails, baby

CODE10 #1 Part 4 – Sails

Yo, I don’t think we should talk about this
(Come on, why not?)
People might misunderstand what we’re tryin’ to say, you know?
(No, but that’s a part of life)

You have seen lots of pictures lately about the CODE 10 sail test, but we haven’t really got the chance to introduce our sails slightly better, which on #1 are made by QuantumSails.

Don’t forget our previous blog posts:

Note from us: The materials we have choosen is the result of several discussions with QuantumSails Hungary. We decided to go with this very material, which has the capability of simple modification, that can be easily done here locally.

We are happy to write this down today that we haven’t really needed to change anything. Congrats on Miklós Rauschenberger’s team and QuantumSails.

CODE10 #2 can easily go with other materials such as 3D sails, based on the final measures and experience we collected lately.

Let’s start the listing:


CODE10 sails - square top main

P: 13.850 m E: 4.300 m

Sail Area: 44.666 m²

MATERIALS: Dimension Flex Sport FLX 11 LS (100%)

  • Square top design,
  • 5 Full Batten Pockets; RBS Epoxy 19mm Battens,
  • Rig and rule optimised roach profile,
  • Custom batten adjustment system,
  • Loose foot with additional foot round,
  • Cunningham,
  • Stainless steel rings or soft corners as appropriate,
  • Custom headboard,
  • Leech telltales,
  • Draft stripes.

3 Reefs:

  • Reef 1: 1600 mm,
  • Reef 2: 3200 mm,
  • Reef 3: 5800 mm.

The mainsail comes with Antal cars (40mm – 12 pcs intermediate cars, 5 pcs cars with a joint) which runs on a 22mm Antal main track.

Cross-cut Medium JIB1 FLX SPORT:

CODE10 sails - main jib

I: 13.800 m J: 4.250 m LP: 105 %

Sail area: 33.468

MATERIALS:  Dimension Flex Sport FLX 11 LS (100%)

  • 3 vertical RBS Epoxy 19mm Batten

Top genoa:

ISP: 15.300 m J2: 5.250 m LP: 125 %

Sail Area: 52.015 m²

MATERIALS: Dimension Code Zero Silver CZ 15 Silver (60%); Dimension Code Zero Silver CZ 05 Silver (40%)

It goes by a barber.

  • Furling Clew Velcro,
  • Torsional Furling Rope (11mm).


CODE10 sails - Code0

ISP: 15.300 m Jc: 6.250 m LP: 170 %

Sail Area: 86.045 m²


  • Custom teardrop corner reinforcements.

Asymmetrical A2 Genakker:

CODE10 sails - main and genakker

ISP: 15.300 m J: 4.250 m

Sail Area: 145.816 m²

Materials: Bainbridge AIRX 650 (100%)

  • V Trim Stripes – Glo-Fast,
  • Computer moulded using iQ Technology, Quantum’s proprietary design suite,
  • Full radial construction with shaping in every seam.

Besides the raw data, we will come forward with more video and reviews in April. Don’t miss them!

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