CODE10 #1 Part 2 – Why carbon boats?
CODE10 hull after infusion.

CODE10 #1 Part 2 – Why carbon boats?

CODE10 #1 Part 2

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We started to build the prototype in July, 2020. Thanks to our CODE8 racing boat, the technology was given, we experienced the advantages of excellent materials: we dreamt of a carbon boat. 

Why carbon? 

Compared to fiberglass, it’s lighter, stiffer, stronger and provides a smoother ride. We aimed for a trailerable boat so that our customers have the freedom to set sail wherever they want. The total displacement of CODE10 is 1900kg (4189 lbs), from which the ballast weights 960kg (2116 lbs).

We used Carbon-Airex® foam-Araldite® Epoxy sandwich for the hull, deck, and liner with vacuum infusion technology and covered it with Durepox paintings. As you can see, we kept her thick but slim. 

How it all evolved? Tamás, the founder of CODE boats, was the distributor and representative of Araldit and Gurit products in Hungary for 7 years. During this time, he became an expert by supporting his clients and inventing new usages with customers (for example, with Pauger Composites). It is not prepreg/honeycomb because the product must be marketable and not overpriced.

What else can be the advantage of having a carbon boat?

  • Carbon has excellent fatigue life and is extremely strong and rigid.
  • Light boats are easier to handle because of reduced loads, and therefore are safer.
  • Light yachts are environmentally friendly, they reduce fuel consumption yet increase the range.

What else can we tell about the physics of CODE10?

She is 10m (33ft.) long and comes with a removable bowsprit (this helps when you transport her with your car). The beam is slightly shorter than 3.00m (2.98m), which allows the owner to drive it with a regular trailer. Maybe our next step is to invent an SUV dedicated to trail your yachts, but currently, any regular car with the capability of towing 3500kg is perfect for moving your boat wherever you want. 

At CODE Yachts, you own your route.

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