Why One Design boat?

Why One Design boat?

CODE10 #1 – Part3

Why One Design boat? Why do we believe in the One Design class?

In Part 2, we rooted back to the love of carbon, which stands for the “C” in CODE. The rest grasps our devotion towards One DEsign. In mid of 2011, when the first CODE8 came out, it didn’t look like the other boats sailing nowadays. The first had a different deck plan, non-rollable jib, etc. The continuous development of the prototype helped us to finalize the design; thus, #3-#15 are built 99,5% similar, although the modifications ended in two different directions:

  • CODE8 Racing – carbon version, with a canting keel option, carbon mast, super light, less than 1000kg.
  • CODE8 One Design – fiberglass, fixed keel and aluminium mast, less than 1300 kg.  

In the end, #1 and #2 of CODE8 was adjusted to the final shape of the CODE8 versions on our own money, to be entirely consistent with our name: CODE = Carbon One Design.

Why One Design?

We believe in fairness. We are from Hungary, and Hungarian sailors love sailing in One Design classes, where boats are similar, built from the same materials, same mast (size and material), same deck outline etc. Nobody wants to blame the winner at the end of the races for having better/faster boats from the shipyard than the rest. One Design classes keep the community together and make the races fair.

CODE10 is built for performance with compromises. She is compact, and we aim for a community that can keep the One Design mood. If you want more comfort, we designed the CODE Interior kit, which is easily removable during races, but it can be lovely during daysailing with family.

We know: trade-offs are part of the journey when you buy a boat, and once you settle, it is hard to change.

Something we can promise to our future CODE10 owners is the core of our One Design class. No matter what, we keep the shape, the size, the weight and the materials because that makes it: Carbon, and One DEsign. 

What else is she? 

Based on the feedback of the few lucky viewers:

  • “absolutely lethal”, 
  • “thick and mean”, 
  • “super fast based on the ORC rate.”

Thanks for following us this week. Next week, we prepare the following sessions for you:

  • Live video with the founder of Code Yachts on the boat
  • Pictures on water
  • Videos from test sailing
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