CODE10 #1 Part 6: Justin’ case

CODE10 #1 Part 6: Justin’ case

The stories we briefly went through covered some boat’s functions, but CODE10 has one more key player: The designer, Andrej Justin.

Andrej Justin.


Justin Yacht Design knows the essence of performance. He designed CODE8 Racing with good care and had a huge role that CODE8 was a great success in the 10’s. Tamás Simon and Andrej Justin started designing CODE10 in 2015 and only finished in 2019. Before we start the interview with him, don’t forget to read the previous parts of CODE10’s journey. We didn’t have the chance to make this interview in person but hope to have a video test soon in Slovenia.

How do you feel after a 6-year-old project of Justin Yacht Design, finally has come to an end and a new boat of yours has launched?

Andrej: Happy as always. I am glad to see every project realised, especially realised in such a good way: best of standards, testing goes as it should, improving all the little details which are often needed on the prototype. …so I expect a successful and very nice sailing boat as we planned her and wished her to be.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind if I say: CODE10

Andrej: Firstly, I would like to sail her. And then I would be very thrilled to see more and more boats on the water, among them hopefully one to be mine.

What would you highlight first on a CODE10? What makes her unique compared to the latest sailing boats on the market?

Andrej: She is a special breed of boats. She is designed and built for fast sailing: everything is designed, built, and engineered to make sailors life as easy as possible on one side and make the performance as good as possible on the other side. There are not many compromises in CODE10 design, which always makes a good result.

There are not a lot of boats like CODE10 on the market. I wish there were more because I like this kind of boats. For example, RC44 is a similar boat in concept. Designing her with Russell (Couts), there were no compromises in the matter of performance, quality of build, materials and technology and this way, she became pretty successful ever since that. The same will happen to CODE10, hopefully.


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CODE10 #1 Part 4 – Let’s talk about sails, baby

CODE10 #1 Part 4 – Sails

Yo, I don’t think we should talk about this
(Come on, why not?)
People might misunderstand what we’re tryin’ to say, you know?
(No, but that’s a part of life)

You have seen lots of pictures lately about the CODE 10 sail test, but we haven’t really got the chance to introduce our sails slightly better, which on #1 are made by QuantumSails.

Don’t forget our previous blog posts:

Note from us: The materials we have choosen is the result of several discussions with QuantumSails Hungary. We decided to go with this very material, which has the capability of simple modification, that can be easily done here locally.

We are happy to write this down today that we haven’t really needed to change anything. Congrats on Miklós Rauschenberger’s team and QuantumSails.

CODE10 #2 can easily go with other materials such as 3D sails, based on the final measures and experience we collected lately.


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